A Week In The Life Of

It has been a busy old couple of weeks at Russell Mark Olson Comics and Illustration HQ, with last Sunday (17th) seeing the recording of an interview for Awesome Comics Podcast. I couldn't get my mic and the wi-fi to work in my studio, so I had to move to the dining room, which accounts for the clock you hear chiming in a couple of times in the podcast. This all makes my home sound a lot grander than it is. We only get the silver out when royalty visits. Truthfully, at the moment, Emily and I are living amongst our obsessive book collecting and vintage hoarding.  One day we'll have a secret mansion.

Anyway, it was great to catch up with Vince, Dan and Tony and talk all things comics. I mentioned some of my ideas for Gateway City’s forthcoming Kickstarter, my passion for Golden Age comics and revealed, much to Emily's chagrin, that I have a bit of a potty mouth. It was also a fabulous opportunity to talk about my pal Nick Prolix and the project that we are working on together about the technical aspects of comic making. I’m sure I missed out some of the other bits we discussed, so it’s probably just best if you have a listen. Thanks for having me on, guys. I had a blast.

Leading on from the podcast I had the pleasure this week on working on a commission of The Shadow. I love when I get the opportunity to draw pulp heroes. There's something so magical about Golden Age heroes.

The end of the week has bought me back to the beginning really, as I accompanied Emily on one of her shopping trips for more vintage “stuff” - she promises me we need it. However, I can’t lie and it was enjoyable for me too as I managed to pick up some fantastic comics including this little bad boy in Kim’s Bookshop in Chichester.

I’m fearful of mentioning this place, in case it means you all get there before me, but I love an independent bookshop as much as I like comics so please do go and have a browse. Green Cobra features the brilliant artwork of John M. Burns. If you don't know his work, get on it. An impeccable draftsman with energy like nothing else.

It's been announced this week that I'll be on a panel talking about drawing comics at the True Believers Summer Variant. I'll be sharing the dais with none other than the wonderful Susie Gander (Perrywinkle) and the brilliant Lorenzo Etherington (Long Gone Don, The Art of Stranski). Once again, everybody's favorite Vince Hunt (Awesome Comics Podcast, Red Mask from Mars), will be there to keep us in line and on target. Can't wait!

Lastly, in order to make room for all the new “stuff” I’ve sorted out a few of my older works and placed them on Big Cartel. This includes a number of limited etchings and screen-prints, so items you might find a little different from my “usual work”. Some of its a bit rough around the edges, as it's a few years old, but some of it still holds up. 

Thanks again, everyone for reading Gateway, Lady Hollywood and being the most amazing people.

Love you.