Thank you Cardiff Indie Comic Con

Hard to believe it's been just over a week since we were at the beautiful Mercure Hotel and Spa for the Cardiff International Comic Expo. Great event. Emily and I got to spend a lot of time with our wonderful pal, Nick Prolix, who launched the third installment of his brilliant Slang Pictorial. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of reading Nick's book, then you're missing one of the most sophisticated, lyrical, canny and just downright beautiful pieces of work to come out of the indie scene in the last twenty years (I say indie, but I might as well be saying comic period). Anyway, we had a great catch-up and have begun plotting something very cool for the near future.

We also got to chat with 2/3 of Awesome Comics Podcast. Tony Esmond, Nick, Em and I had a late supper at a loud jazz club the night before the Expo where we attempted to talk about podcasts, comics, the lack of Toth (and others) awareness among younger readers (maybe we're wrong, we hope we're wrong) and ACP's release of their second comic anthology (in which Nick and Tony have the produced the second installment of the madcap Cockney Kung Fu). On the day, I got to gab a bit with the charming and talented Vince Hunt (the man behind The Red Mask From Mars) about comics and process and cons and all that good stuff. The ACP people are some of the best around. Passionate, knowledgeable and damn good fun.

Stuart Mulrain, from True Believers, was also on the floor. Great to finally get to meet him in the flesh. Very excited about the TB summer variant and getting to talk more about the world of indie comics. Speaking of TB summer variant, the workhorses of the UK comic scene, Robin and Lorenzo Etherington were on hand. We somehow conversed ourselves onto the subject of Brutalist architecture in Portsmouth, and I did my best to convince them to come to next year's Portsmouth Comic Con. Really solid guys with some of the most inventive and fully formed books on the market. Get their stuff. Finally got to meet Susie Gander (Perrywinkle; upcoming project with Tony Esmond as well). I'm always so bowled over by how lovely everyone in the UK scene is. So supportive, so talented, so modest and such great senses of humor. Looking forward to getting the opportunity to chat more about upcoming projects.

I could keep name dropping, but I'll give it a pause there.

In other news, the awe-inspiring folks (Aaron Rackley and co) over at Little Heroes Comics have just launched their second anthology over on Kickstarter. Little Heroes, apart from making cool anthologies, creates comic making kits and delivers them to children in hospital and hospice with long-term illnesses. I can't get over how kind, caring and dedicated Little Heroes is and it is my immense pleasure and honor to have provided the cover for their second issue. Pledge now to support this necessary charity.

I'll sign-off for now, but thanks for stopping by and we've got loads more to chat about in the next few weeks.