Gateway City at Thought Bubble

This weekend (22 & 23rd of September), I'll be making my Thought Bubble debut, tabling in the Comixology Marquee with my best-bud Nick Prolix at table 169 (check out this great GIF Nick made:).

Also making it's debut will be the Gateway City Vol.1 trade paperback. Thanks to all of the wonderful backers on Kickstarter for allowing this to happen. Thanks as well to Comic Printing UK for the fantastic print job. The book looks fantastic (the print job that is) and I'm really proud of all the effort everyone has made to make it what it is.

Really excited to be at Thought Bubble and hope to see you all there. The Kickstarters have been going out in the mail this week but I've held a handful back from individuals I think might be at the event. It would give me great pleasure to deliver them to you by hand. So, I'll try to get around to the various tables to have them at my table if you happen to swing by.

Have a great weekend whatever your doing and thanks for stopping by the ol' blog. Also, the trade paperback will be on sale at my Big Cartel site some time next week.

Adios muchachas and muchachos!