Gateway City now on Comichaus!

I am very excited to announce that Gateway City is now available to "stream" from the wonderful app. Head on over to Comichaus to explore its massive collection of titles from small press to indie folks like yours truly. It's a wonderful thing and I'm so glad to have my book on it.

Thanks, Comichaus!

The Comichaus App is an app dedicated to indie comics. Free for creators/indie and publishers/small press to submit their content, for a subscription fee of £3 a month (£30 a year) you can:
  • Get access to stream and discover all the indie comics in our catalogue 
  • Save as many of the comic books offline as your device storage will allow 
  • Search by title, creator, genre and publisher 
  • Discover more about creators 
  • Support creators - 50% of advert and subscription revenue will be split with creators based on how many times their books are read