Big Ol' Update

Big Ol' Update

By Crom! All pages and sketches, 30% off in August!
Just wanted to let you all know that for the rest of the month of August, all original pages and sketches are 30% off on my Big Cartel shop with the code: AUGUST30. There are some Gateway pages up as well as a handful of silver age superheroes. I'll be putting some new stuff up throughout the next two weeks.

Current Kickstarters

I've done a bit of work for a few live Kickstarters that I'd like to share with you all.
First up is Frank at Home on the Farm #2.  The book is by Jordan Thomas, Clark Bint. It's a proper terrifying book with a very inventive plot. Really glad to be able to contribute. Click on the image to see the campaign.
My pin-up for Frank at Home on the Farm #2
Here's the description from their campaign:
"Frank At Home On The Farm tells the story of a man returning from war to find his family mysteriously missing from their farm. This sets in motion a series of events that claw and tear at Frank's mind, body, and soul.
Tormented by nightmares of the front line, the mysterious voices that plague him and disturbed by the townsfolk's lack of knowledge or interest in his family's whereabouts, Frank becomes more and more isolated on the farm as he tries to uncover where his parents have vanished to... all under the watchful eye of the farm's animals."

Next is The Seven Sagas of Silverbeard by Pete Taylor and Mark Hughes.  Pete told me about this project at Thought Bubble last year and I've been squeeeeing about it ever since. Silverbeard is a Conan-style retconned Bronze Age book about a Gorilla-man-warrior-king. It looks phenomenal and I've done a little pin-up for it.  Again, click the pic to go to the campaign.
Savage Silverbeard!

Here's the blurb:
"The Earth is dying and the Gods don’t care, they hoard the life-giving energies of the World Tree and the mortal realm below suffers. Across seven lifetimes, SILVERBEARD, a cursed gorilla warrior battles demons, monsters and the blighted land itself to overthrow the greedy deities that would turn the planet into a wasteland."
Hope you're all having a great summer and I'll check back in a few months with some details about some upcoming well as more Gateway!
All the best,