The Black Iris - Shortlisted for Indie Comic of the Year

Very pleased to announce that The Black Iris has been included in the Pipedreams Comics's Indie Comic of the Year - top 10, which means it's in the shortlist for Indie Comic of the Year. I reckon you've got another week before voiting closes, but I'd very much appreciate your support.

That said, there are some absolute crackers on the list, including Manu by my dear friend and fellow SKRAWLLORDZ, Gustaffo Vargas. If you haven't read his Peru trilogy yet, get off your duff and do so now.

I'm down to my last 15 copies of Black Iris, so pop on over to the shop if you haven't picked one up yet. To celebrate its inclusion on the list, I'll be including a free copy of my Sketchbook Vol. 1 with every order.

Thanks and have a great holiday season.