Mr Doyle's Class Presents: A Study in Scarlet

The book is afoot! Matt Hardy (writer; Mad Robot Comics), Rob Jones (letters; Madius Comics), Eli Winter (editor; Lady Hollywood), and myself have been working for The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection and Portsmouth City Council to adapt A Study In Scarlet for children. Matt's story is wonderful, transposing the action to a middle school play rehearsal, led by drama teacher, Mr Doyle. The children discover the Victorian world of Holmes and Watson by stepping into their shoes.

We are very proud of the book and can't wait to hear what kids think. We were also thrilled to work with The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection and Arts Council England.

As far as a release date goes, Portsmouth Libraries and the Conan Doyle Collection will be distributing the book to Portsmouth schools, afterwards, it will then become available in late February. I'll be sharing where you can buy the book as soon as I know, but you can also check the great Conan Doyle Collection webiste for more details.