Ditch Angels and SKRAWL


Howdy All!

Just a quick update to say that the Kickstarter for Ditch Angels is wrapping up soon. I've received a proof copy of the hardback edition in the mail today, so all that's left is checking for mistakes, flipping the switch and ordering the copies. Here's a quick preview:


SKRAWL #1 has now broken through it's final stretch goal. That means Simone D'Armini from The Spider King has joined the roster for the first issue. We are so excited to have him on board. So, that means the final team for the magazine is as follows:

    Nick Prolix
    Mark Hughes
    Pete Taylor
    Martin Simpson
    Gustaffo Vargas
    Russell Mark Olson

And the guests:
    Rosie Packwood
    Phil Elliott
    Jessica Lucas
    Matt Simmons
    John Reppion
    Lucy Sullivan
    Simone D'Armini

What a line-up, right?!? Crazy. Quite a bit of the book is now finished, but we've still got a ways to go before we're ready to send to print. To hop on board, check out the Kickstarter here: Skrawlmag.com
There's only 4 days left to back it. 

Here are the first 3 pages from my contribution: