Gateway City

Gateway City, Vol. 1
Gateway City was included in the Pipedream Comics top 10 list of 2018!

Gateway City takes us to St. Louis, Missouri in the 1920sIn the middle of a citywide gang war, visitors from much further east than Chicago decide to take the Rome of the West for themselves. Private investigator "Lundy" Lundqvist finds himself caught between the ambition of a crooked senator, the ire of deadly mobsters and the machinations of alien invaders. Can Lundy save himself and his city? 

A trade paperback of the first four issues with some exclusive content is now available to buy. The trade paperback has been edited by the fabulous John Freeman and includes a foreword by the Will Eisner Hall Of Fame inductee and fellow Missourian, Roy Thomas. It was included in the Pipedream Comics Indie Comic of the Year top 10 list!

Lady Hollywood

Lady Hollywood is a collaboration between Russell Mark Olson and Cult Empire Comics. Kate Holloway, a P.I gets caught up in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles. The only way for her to survive is to fight back as the vengeful Lady Hollywood.

Issue 1 is available from Cult Empire Comics with Issue 2 coming Spring 2019!


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